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Welcome to FTN, your premier source for high-quality nonwoven fabric solutions.
With over ten years of experience in the hygiene industry, we specialize in producing top-tier nonwoven fabrics for a wide range of industries, including hygiene, medical,agriculture, and more.
Our state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and skilled workforce enable us to deliver exceptional results for our clients.
From nonwoven fabrics for diapers and medical masks to agricultural coverings and beyond, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

Who are we?

At FTN, we are proud to leverage our extensive experience in the hygiene industry to deliver exceptional nonwoven fabric solutions.
With a deep understanding of industry needs and trends, we specialize in producing high-quality nonwoven fabrics that meet the highest standards.
Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction drives us to deliver tailored solutions for various industries.
Partner with us to benefit from our industry expertise and cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities.


Fabric Tex

Hygiene Nonwoven Fabric

PP SMS nonwoven fabric is a high-quality material that is designed for use in a wide range of hygiene applications.

medical nonwoven fabric is used in manufacturing medical masks, gowns, and other protective equipment.

PP nonwoven fabric is a highly effective material for use in agriculture applications…

We also offer nonwoven fabric solutions for a wide range of other applications, including filtration, insulation, and more.

  • نحن نسعى جاهدين لتحقيق التميز في كل ما نقوم به. كان تركيزنا دائمًا على
    رضا العملاء والحفاظ على أعلى معايير الجودة. لتحقيق هذه المهمة، نحن
    ندرك أن أهم مورد لدينا هو شعبنا. ولهذا السبب نعطي الأولوية
    للعامل البشري ونضمن تكافؤ الفرص للجميع من خلال سياسة الموارد لدينا التي
    تدعم التنوع والشمول والتنمية. نحن ملتزمون بتوفير
    بيئة عمل عادلة وآمنة وصحية لموظفينا، ونؤمن بمنحهم
    حق الوصول الكامل إلى حقوقهم الشخصية وفرص النمو المهني والشخصي.

    زكريا حسنة المدير العام

  • في FTN، نحن نؤمن بأن العامل البشري هو المفتاح لنجاحنا في إنتاج حلول الأقمشة غير المنسوجة عالية الجودة. نحن نعلم أن موظفينا هم أهم
    الأصول لدينا، ولهذا السبب نستثمر في تدريبهم وتطويرهم ورفاهيتهم.
    فريق الخبراء لدينا متحمس لما يفعلونه، وتفانيهم في الجودة
    والابتكار والاستدامة هو ما يميزنا عن المنافسة. نحن نعمل
    بلا كلل لتجاوز توقعات عملائنا، ونبحث دائمًا عن
    طرق جديدة للتحسين والابتكار

    عبدالقادر الكنج رئيساً

Where excellence

We strive to improve our level of service and increase cooperation with partners.


Our Team

Collaborative Minds, Shared Values, and
  • CEO

    Mohamed Hassana

    At FTN, we're more than just a nonwoven fabric supplier – we're a partner to our customers.
    Our team of experts works closely with our clients to develop custom solutions that meet their specific needs, and we're committed to providing unparalleled support throughout the entire process.
    Mohamed Hassana
  • Operations Manager

    Abdulrahman El-Khodary

    As the Operations Control and Excellence team at FTN, our core mission is to achieve continuous improvement and operational excellence across all company processes through the implementation of Lean Manufacturing principles, with a strong emphasis on process control. We believe that robust process control measures are essential in maximizing production efficiency and ensuring consistent, high quality output.

    Abdulrahman El-Khodary
  • Nonwoven Production Manager

    Mohamed Ragab

    As the Nonwoven Production Manager at FTN, I am responsible for ensuring the efficient and effective operation of our manufacturing processes while upholding the highest standards of quality and safety.
    Our company specializes in producing PP nonwoven fabric, which finds applications in diverse industries such as medical, hygiene, and construction.
    Mohamed Ragab


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